Advertising on XRadio

Advertising Inworld on XRadio

With XRadio reaching more and more listeners daily in Second Life, we have started to get questions on how to advertise both on the stream and on our website and social networks. With XRadio about to reach it’s one year anniversary and on par to setting a new listener record of 5000 monthly listeners, we have decided to release this article explaining how advertising on XRadio works. Hopefully, this guide will explain everything and clear up any questions.

XRadio in Second Life

Free Advertising

Everyone LOVES FREE so let’s start with how you can get some FREE Advertising on XRadio! The idea is simple… you scratch our back and help us grow, we scratch your back and help you grow. This is the basis of our affiliate and partnership programs.

This is the most basic way of advertising with XRadio. Not only do you get free advertising, but affiliates and partners also get discounts on other plans of advertising, so this is really a no-brainer. If you are willing to meet the very low requirements of being an affiliate or partner, have the stream on your SIM, in your club or shop, and are willing to write a small bio and send us a few pics, we can get you listed on our List of Affiliates and Partners and not have to spend a red dime. Or a blue nickle. It’s easy and as I said, affiliates and partners get additional discounts on additional advertising services. So eazy, even a pirate can do it!

Website Advertising

Ever since we have begun to be featured regularly in the Second Life Community Pages, we have seen an uptick in our website traffic. It isn’t just on the pages linked from the Second Life website either. The XRadio web site has experienced additional page views across our entire user-friendly web site. As this page is being written, we have set a new site record in page views for a day. We expect this trend to continue as we get more listeners, drawing more to our web site to check out what we are all about. In addition, our Facebook page has recently topped the 300 Likes mark. It is an exciting period of growth going on right now at XRadio!

XRadio offers three types of advertising on our website: the Leaderboard, the Side Bar and Event/News Submissions. Each can increase traffic to whatever it is you are trying to advertise. Each is available at a lower cost than some other “Second Life” websites. In fact, when we were thrown aback while investigating costs by some of the cost of advertising on sites that contain content related to Second Life. We decided to make website advertising affordable with XRadio.