Advertising with XRadio

XRadio is ready to be your partner in media advertising. We offer advertising opportunities on our website and on the audio stream, making a perfect pair to gain exposure on your product, event, club, shop, or organization. Whatever the need, let XRadio work out a customized plan, leveraging our 40,000+ monthly listener reach to help you achieve your advertising goals.

Web Advertising

XRadio offers three types of advertising on our website: the Banner, the Side Bar and Event/News Submission. Each can increase traffic to whatever it is you are trying to advertise. Each is available at a low cost. We decided to once again make website advertising affordable.

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Stream Advertising

The “meat and potatoes” of advertising with XRadio is audio advertising on our stream. This gets your ad onto the stream; where the 40,000+ monthly XRadio listeners tune-in. This puts you “front and center” of our hundreds of daily listeners, seriously raising awareness of your message, product, club, shop, etc.

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Free Advertising

Everyone LOVES FREE so let’s start with how you can get some FREE Advertising on XRadio! The idea is simple… you scratch our back and help us grow, we scratch your back and help you grow. This is the basis of our affiliate program.

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