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It goes without saying that the “meat and potatoes” of advertising with XRadio is audio advertising on our stream. This gets your ad onto the actual XRadio stream, giving you access to XRadio’s nearly half million people listener reach. This puts you “front and center” of our tens of thousands of monthly listeners, seriously raising awareness of your message, product, club, shop, etc. In addition, when used in conjunction with web site marketing, you can create a complete ad campaign that will seriously elevate your presence. But how does it work? And what does it cost?

Radio advertising on XRadio is considerably more work than a simple web site ad banner. They require voice actors/actresses, a written script, background music, etc. If you already have an audio ad ready to go… GREAT! All you need is to get it to us for approval, pay for ad time, and BOOM! Your ad can begin tomorrow. EZPZ! If you do NOT have a readily available audio ad, don’t worry. XRadio can make you one! Contact us to begin the process of creating a custom radio ad.

Once you have an audio ad ready to go, it is time to move forward. XRadio has two “tiers” of radio advertising: Commercial Pool and Guaranteed Placement.

Commercial Pool vs. Guaranteed Placement

The Commercial Pool advertising package gets your ad into a pool with other ads currently playing on XRadio. Every half hour, our auto DJ software – which controls the media playing on the stream when a DJ is NOT on the air – selects an ad from the Commercial Pool and plays it. This is the standard radio advertising package for XRadio.

The Guaranteed Placement is the premium tier of radio advertising on XRadio. With this package, your ad will be played every hour by the auto DJ software. Your ad will not split time with any other ad, as it does in the Commercial Pool. In addition, your ad is guaranteed airplay of over 500 plays.

Radio ads can be no longer than a half minute in length each. Any time greater than thirty seconds will be charged as a completely separate and additional ad.




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Ready to Begin?

If you are ready to begin advertising your products, events or services on XRadio click below. If you still have any questions, feel free to Contact us.

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