Affiliates and Advertising

XRadio wants to work with you! The are multiple ways of teaming up with XRadio. We are committed to working with your store, venue, community and/or region and will craft an entire customized media plan of action that results in growth for affiliates, as well as growth within our own listenership. Let’s get together and decide a course of action and get started today!

XRadio in Second Life

Featured Affiliates

Affiliates are SIMs, clubs, shops, etc. that play the XRadio signal as their land’s stream. XRadio invites any SIM into to become an Affiliate, you simply have to put http://XRadio.Zone:9420 into your Land stream. For more information on how to set XRadio as your Land Stream, click here.

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Advertise with XRadio! Access our tens of thousands of multi-national listeners and multi-platform worldwide reach to drive interest in your brand.

Radio consistently delivers the highest return on investment of any media option available. Marketing campaigns that run on more than one platform will generate an even higher ROI, and that’s why we offer a variety of effective digital solutions to enhance your audio campaign.

We are a one-stop shop to deliver a coordinated radio and digital campaign that will get you results.


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