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Advertising on XRadio

Advertising Inworld on XRadio

With XRadio reaching more and more listeners daily in Second Life, we have started to get questions on how to advertise both on the stream and on our website and social networks. With XRadio about to reach it’s one year anniversary and on par to setting a new listener record of 5000 monthly listeners, we have decided to release this article explaining how advertising on XRadio works. Hopefully, this guide will explain everything and clear up any questions.

XRadio: The Anti-Establishment

XRadio is proud to celebrate and announce the opening of its very own retail store inside the Second Life grid and on the Marketplace. This store, The Anti-Establishment at XRadio HQ is a “poster shop” with over thirty band, concert and album posters ready for you to buy to decorate your home, mancave, club, etc.

XR-001: XRadio Bluetooth Speaker (Free SAHC Gift)

XR-001: XRadio Bluetooth Speaker (Free Gift)

A simple and handy Bluetooth radio speaker (script included) that is able to set and change music in your home/parcel/land. It comes pre-loaded with XRadio, but you can add as many other radio stations as you like! Instructions included and the “Free URL” button let you set a temporary stream directly from menu, useful for your own stream or events, like live music. Stylish, easy-to-use and functional, this Bluetooth speaker from XRadio is just what you need! Get it FREE at XRadio HQ!!!