DST Begins

Spring Time Change 2023

The American Daylight Savings Time Change is upon us! Make sure you check the time of your favorite program.

January 2023 Station Update

Happy New Year, Listeners! As a new year has dawned, it is time for XRadio to give an update about what to expect from us in 2023!

close up shot of a calendar

2022 Yearly Listener Report

The XRadio Listener Report for the Second Quarter 2022 breaks down the all the statistical information about XRadio listeners.

silver dynamic microphone on black microphone stand

DJ Serenity Returns!

DJ Serenity makes her return to XRadio tonight at 6PM Pacific! but… where has she been and what was she doing?

white metal tower

Station Update: Schedule Changes

The year is flying by! Already, we are in September. We’ve been doing some things behind the scenes stuff that has us really excited! In today’s news, we will tell you about a few schedule changes on XRadio.

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