Changes to the Zone

Changes to the Zone!

Changes were made to the XRadio.Zone community Second Life area recently. These changes were made to continue the Zone’s mission of providing a fun and entertaining place for our community of friends and family. It is a full-entertainment area, centered around our XR community. We hope you like the changes we have made.


The club that was located outside the XRadio studio, Discotheque Night Club, is now gone. SIM Goddess, Siouxie (I think that has to be her new OFFICIAL title) made a much, much better club… AND IT IS ON THE FREAKIN’ MOON!!! It’s so amazing, most of the staff that saw it agreed that this was a much better place to host our social events. And did I mention that IT IS ON THE FREAKIN’ MOON?!?

As usual, the new club contains a DJ stage and the necessities. It also includes a bar that gives real drinks (with animations, no doubt), dance balls for both singles dances and couples dances, as well as some fun stuff like Zero-Gravity chairs. There is also a hatch so you can go outside and actually walk on the Moon. Don’t worry, the force-field will keep everyone inside the club safe while the door is opened. 🙂 Best of all is the 360-degree panoramic view of the space that surrounds the club and the Moon it sits upon. It’s petty amazing!

The slideshow above is taken from the Rez Party for Moon, which also doubled as an after-party for her and Ant’ny’s wedding. We really couldn’t have a better way to open a new party place than to celebrate two of our nearest and dearest. Since that time, the club was cleaned up, more fun lights and things added, and it officially became the club ran by XRadio!


Don’t wait. Check the XRadio Event Schedule and see when the next exciting party will be held at the new Moon-based club! Or, just pay us a visit anytime to check out the awesome views. As usual, when a Live DJ isn’t performing, our XRadio station Auto DJ, DJX – will be spinning some great tunes!

See you there soon!

Check out more pics on our Flickr page!