D. J. Highlanders

D.J. Highlanders – XRadio Featured Artist of the Month – December 2021

XRadio is proud to present to you the XRadio Featured Artist of the Month for December 2021, D.J. Highlanders.

XRadio Featured Artists of the Month

D.J. Highlanders (real name Dario Montanari) is an Italian electronic music artist that is a pioneer in Electro Cumbia – a music genre mixing musical rhythms and folk-dance traditions of Latin America. It generally involves musical and cultural elements from Amerindians, Africans enslaved during colonial times, and Europeans. His newest single, “Pueblos (gente)”, is sung in Spanish… was made in only 30 days (from the idea to the distribution of the finished product, including the official video)… and is the “natural” follow-up to the song “Mai Another Mind”, released in 2019.

The lyrics and idea behind Pueblos (gente) dig deep, asking What are we? For many worldly institutions, we are nothing but numbers, codes and alphabets! The song states that if we are not regarded as human beings, then we may as well not exist. But then the song proves that we are human beings, and we know it! For this reason, among us, we are brothers, in solidarity (give me your hand, let’s walk together), but for the system, as long as it treats us as “numbers”, we are do not to “exist”!

To emphasize even more the meaning of this song, D.J. Highlanders, in the official video, becomes “El Cuervo”, the masked protagonist who shines through for the entire duration of the video among the various sequences of popular protests shot from many countries around the world.

D.J. HIGHLANDERS – PUEBLOS (gente) from D.J. Highlanders on Vimeo.

D. J. Highlanders – XRadio Featured Artist of the Month for December 2021!


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