Alien Anomaly album cover

Alien Anomaly: XRadio Featured Artists of the Month – February 2021

XRadio is happy to present to you the XRadio Featured Artists of the Month for February 2021 – Singapore rock band, Alien Anomaly. The band just finished recording their first album, Ethereal Material. Alien Anomaly wrote and recorded the entire album under lock down in Singapore. You can purchase a digital copy of the album from their Bandcamp page. The album is also available on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram and make sure you catch their single, You’re The Virus, We’re The Cure in heavy rotation this month on XRadio!

XRadio Featured Artists of the Month

Alien Anomaly was born during the 2020 COVID lockdown in Singapore.  We found an alien artifact in Geylang, which infected us with the virus of Alien Rock.  We were compelled to write and record our first album, Ethereal Material, as a result.  Ethereal Material was released on the final day of 2020 to celebrate the end of a terrible year.  Our mission for 2021 is to spread the virus of Alien Rock around the world.

The 10 track album looks at life on earth from many different perspectives and the final track and first single, You’re The Virus, We’re The Cure explores the feelings of the aliens who first seeded life on earth, billions of years ago.  They’re really not happy with the way things are going!

Other tracks on the album explore addiction, affliction, contradiction and crucifixion, among many other topics of interest to aliens everywhere.

– Alien Anomaly