Christopher Justin

Christopher Justin: XRadio Featured Artists of the Month – March 2021

XRadio is happy to present to you the XRadio Featured Artists of the Month for March 2021, 19-year old guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer Christopher Justin. Justin is from Auckland, New Zealand and influenced by acts such as AC/DC, Deep Purple, Trapeze, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer and Guthrie Govan. He has been composing his own music since the age of 8. At nine, he formed the Auckland- based band Slipstream as their singer-songwriter and guitarist, playing only original material. In 2017, Justin co-produced Slipstream’s self-titled debut EP.

XRadio Featured Artists of the Month

In late 2019, Christopher Justin recorded and produced his self-titled solo debut album ‘Christopher Justin’. The album was released in August 2020, with three singles released in mid 2020. This album has been played on radio stations across the world; including Singapore, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, South America, and New Zealand.

Christopher Justin
Christopher Justin

Comments on the self-titled debut album are as follows:

What a superb album that is! It’s absolutely fantastic!

Nigel Harris, Radio Caroline, UK

Chunky classic blues-rock

Daniel Pearn, AMR Radio, Australia

… a thoroughly enjoyable audio experience.

Jay, SLE Radio, UK

About Christopher Justin

At the close of 2020, tracks from the album ‘Christopher Justin’ made it to ‘Featured Tracks’, ‘Best tracks of 2020 Show’, and the ‘Best Music to come out of 2020 Show’ on legendary Radio Caroline.

His solo debut album is a culmination of a fresh youthful take on rock and roll; and it has been said that if his music was food, it is a ‘decadent dessert platter”.

The success of Christopher Justin’s debut album has been overwhelming, receiving acknowledgment from New Zealand’s AIMES awards, winning the Emerging Talent Award in 2020 and also reaching the upper echelon – top 20%- of 9000 applicants from 84 countries for The UK Songwriting Competition. All seven songs from his album received five out of five stars from the judging panel and four songs went on to compete in the contest’s semi-finals.

The track ‘Brilliance’ has made the semi-finals list for the 2020 International Songwriting Competition, which attracted over 26,000 entries from all over the globe.

Alongside the music, Christopher Justin is pursuing his music degree at the University of Southern California (Thornton School of Music), LA.

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