Featured Artists of the Month – December 2020: PINFINGER

XRadio is proud to bring you Pinfinger – XRadio’s Featured Artists of the Month for December 2020!

Pinfinger is a three-piece rock band from London. Their style merges rock, punk and metal into a dynamic assault on the senses. “83 Days” is their debut single, released on September 30th, 2020 – the anniversary of the 1999 Tokaimura nuclear accident. In that disaster, a 35 year old technician named Hisashi Ouchi was exposed to the largest amount of radiation ever recorded in documented history. He was kept alive against his will for 83 agonising days before dying of multiple organ failure. 

“We wanted to find a story to match the aggression of the music and there’s no more horrific experience than the fate of Hisashi Ouchi.”


83 Days is available to stream now or high quality download from 83p on Bandcamp.

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