How to Get a FREE Ad on XRadio

XRadio is heard across the web online at https://XRadio.Zone and across the Second Life grid on our commercial affiliates and listener SIMs. On average, around 40,000 listeners tune in every month, with the bulk of those listeners on the Second Life grid. For a business in Second Life, that is a helluva lot of ears. On average, XRadio gets over 1,500 listeners daily on the Second Life grid alone. Now imagine those 1,500 daily listeners tuned in and hearing your ad play on the XRadio stream! Sounds tempting right?

XRadio in Second Life

What is XRadio?

XRadio is a freeform online radio station active on the web and embedded in many Second Life regions. Our list of partners and affiliates continues to grow, as does our listener reach. After starting 2020 as a Second Life community station with only 2,500 listeners a month, we have grown into a commercial broadcasting SuperStation on the Second Life grid… and beyond. In February 2021, XRadio had nearly 50,000 listeners.

Our auto DJ program (DJX) plays rock/rap/rave/remixes when a live DJ or syndicated programming (such as Sugar Radio Show with Robin Schulz) isn’t on the stream. You can check out the Live DJ schedule here.

Radio Advertising on XRadio

So You Said “FREE Ad Time”…

Yes. I did. You see, XRadio runs ads every half hour or so during the times a Live DJ isn’t on the stream. These ads are picked randomly by our DJX auto DJ program. You can NOW get your audio ad on our powerful and popular internet radio station with some FREE ad time. That’s right, absolutely NO MONEY is needed to get your ad on XRadio. All you need is access to your Second Life land stream and you can start enjoying a month of free ad time immediately.

Basically, you use the XRadio internet radio station as your SIM audio and join our XRadio Second Life affiliate program and you will get free ad time on the popular Second Life radio station, XRadio. You give us an audio ad and we will put it into the Partner Ads pool. Every half hour or so, an ad is randomly selected from that pool of commercials.

How do I become an affiliate?

Do you own a commercial SIM and want a rockin’ and popular internet radio station as your SIM land stream? Make it XRadio. Then let us know and supply to us a short bio and your business’s logo to include your Second Life business as a Featured Affiliate. NOTE: We do make regular and random visits to ascertain the continued use of XRadio as your land stream.

That’s all you have to do. Questions? Contact Jude Connors.

Do you make the ad?

Well, we can. Sure. That’s always a possibility. However, that is NOT included in the deal. The affiliate program includes ad time but not the actual ad. As stated, we CAN make one for you, but it just won’t be free.

But you don’t even have to have XRadio make the ad for you. There are a few Second Life pros that make audio ads. Or you can make one yourself if you want. And if you already have one, well… that’s just one less thing to do, right?

One Less Thing

This sounds too easy… What’s the gimmick?

There’s absolutely no gimmick. Hell, there’s not even a contract to sign. Just follow the easy steps above and get yourself FREE ad time on XRadio: The SL SuperStation!

We look forward to hearing from you and having you join us an the next XRadio Featured Affiliate!

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