March 2021 Listener Report

XRadio may have seen a slight drop in unique and total listeners but we were still able to gain one more country over the previous month. This is the first month in quite awhile that we didn’t see an increase in either category of listeners. Still, XRadio had yet another strong month with over 40,000 listeners tuned into the stream.

XRadio in Second Life
Listener Report - March 2021 - XRadio

XRadio had 14,647 different listeners from 141 different countries for a total of 41,610 total listeners in March 2021!

Top Nations - March 2021 - XRadio

Top Ten Nations

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. Canada
  5. Singapore
  6. Brazil
  7. France
  8. The Netherlands
  9. Malaysia
  10. The Philippines

Statistics and Peaks

User Agents - March 2021 - XRadio

The March 2021 Listener Report shows that Second Life listeners continue to be the primary audience with 74% of the listeners being on the Second Life grid.


Peak Listeners - March 2021 - XRadio

Peak concurrent listeners for the month was on Saturday, March 20, 2021. On that day, 118 people were tuned into the XRadio stream at the same time across the world!

Average Listeners per Hour - March 2021 - XRadio

Mornings continue to be the most listened daypart of listeners tuned into the stream between the hours of 7AM and 11AM. XRadio station time is Pacific time.