Metaverse Affiliates

XRadio wants to work with you! The are multiple ways of teaming up with XRadio. We are committed to working with your store, venue, community and/or region and will craft an entire customized media plan of action that results in growth for affiliates, as well as growth within our own listenership. Let’s get together and decide a course of action and get started today!

Official Affiliates

Affiliates are SIMs, clubs, shops, etc. that play the XRadio signal as their land’s stream. XRadio invites any SIM into to become an Affiliate, you simply have to put http://XRadio.Zone:9420 into your Land stream.


It’s pretty simple to become an XRadio Featured Affiliate.

  • Affiliate SIMs must be all-inclusive with no discrimination.
  • Affiliate must use XRadio as your parcel’s land stream unless your business, club, etc. is having a special event. This will be checked regularly.
  • Affiliate must provide a logo and up to two additional pictures to be used on the business bio page.
  • Affiliate must provide a small biography (one to two paragraphs) of the business, club, etc. to be placed on the business bio page.


What rewards do Featured Affiliates in the metaverse receive?

  • Free advertising of your club, shop or other business on our Official Affiliates page on the website.
  • Free airtime on the XRadio stream for use for a commercial. If you don’t already have an audio ad, we can design a custom audio ad for you. (Charges May Apply.)
  • Preferential treatment for events at your venue. (Contact us for more info on events).

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