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XRadio Partners and Affiliates

XRadio can be heard across the grid in Second Life. Here is a list of featured partners and affiliates that use XRadio as it’s land stream. Interested in becoming a partner with XRadio? Contact Jude Connors for info.


Dellamore Family Fun Center – Dellamore Point

Dellamore Family Fun Center is a true Family Fun Place. We offer a wide range of activity’s like Water Park with Surfing and Jet Ski’s, Bumper Boats, Amusement Park with 3 Roller Coaster’s, Club, Dancing, Steam Punk, Gothic, Rock, Party’s, Wedding’s, Stores for rent, Gatcha’s Stall’s, Race Track, Bowling, Bungie Jumping, Paint Ball, Roller Skating, Skate Park, Restaurant

Dellamore Family Fun Center was made by a real family for all Family’s to come and enjoy. Administered by CEOs ⒸHe尺尺y ƊєŁŁαʍσŗє îммσятαℓî (savannacherry) and Kinsley ƊєŁŁαʍσŗє îммσятαℓî (kinsley765432), DFFC offer a wide range of activities, including an Amusement Park with THREE Roller Coasters… a beautiful Water Park with a underwater restaurant… Dancing… Party’s… Wedding’s… Stores for rent… The list goes on and on!

Visit us now and have a great time at Dellamore Family Fun Center at Dellamore Point!


Fangtasia Bite Club

Come and join the dark side of life at FANGTASIA BITE CLUB. Our doors are open to ALL that aren’t afraid of a little danger with the supernatural. The Club with a Bite may just be exactly what you’re looking for, so swing by. Applications available for DJ’s and Hosts. Visit FANGTASIA BITE CLUB for a good time today!

MG Designs

MG Designs is a family-run business that has been in the same location for 8 years now.

We supply ladies and mens fitted mesh clothing for all the most popular body types, and tattoos all designed by our creative and talented designer as well as a selection of engaging games, useful gadgets to make life easier such as Radar Huds, Titlers, Auction gadgets, Tip Jars and Scripts.

Under the same roof we also have our amazing range of all original motorcycles designed by and for real bikers all with both street and racing modes and full menu control built in for low lag, maximum usability and versatility. All bikes are KCP scripted with our own customisations added for realistic handling and lighting, and can seat up to 2 people and all have copy permission and unlockable so you can always ride with your friends too.

Contact us if you need a demo, or if there is something you want or need that we don’t have on sale, we are always happy to give quotes for custom work!

Mega Spad – Clothing, Tattoos & Accessories
Narcof Hax – Motorcycles Games & Gadgets

Eyes Wide Shut BDSM Club

Eyes Wide Shut – a sophisticated BDSM club that taps into your dark side. Come in and find out! Let yourself go, and have your eyes wide shut.

We offer theme parties, group only events, Dance evenings with extremely talented Dj’s. Story telling with on of the most top story teller in SL, Classes about BDSM and More. Come visit Mistress Kiera Rae tonight.