PRESS RELEASE: XRadio September 2020 Listener Statistics

XRadio has released it’s monthly report of listeners. In September, XRadio has continued to see raises in unique listeners and total listeners from around the world. XRadio is an online radio station from Singapore that is a popular station in Second Life.

September Listener Statistics

9330 UNIQUE listeners from 128 DIFFERENT countries for a total of 24,828 TOTAL Listeners of 5,587 hours and 29 minutes tuned into XRadio in September 2020!


  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. UK
  4. Singapore
  5. Canada
  6. Brazil
  7. Ukraine
  8. France
  9. Netherlands
  10. Malaysia


  • Australia
  • India
  • Mexico

Penetration in Southeast Asia

In September 2020, XRadio saw in increase in its percentage of listeners outside Second Life. This is contributed to the inclusion of XRadio on multiple internet radio directories like Online Radio Box and MyTuner. This trend is expected to continue as XRadio attracts more and more internet radio listeners, especially in southeast Asia and Australia.

Peak and Average Listeners per Hour

Peak concurrent listeners for the month was on Saturday, September 19, 2020. Mornings continue to be the most listened daypart with over 25% of listeners tuned into the stream between the hours of 7AM and 11AM. XRadio station time is Pacific time. This is mostly because of the penetration in southeast Asia, which is fifteen hours ahead of Pacific time.

Trends and Conclusions

The upward mobility of XRadio continues, as it is seeing more listeners every month. This is expected to continue as XRadio pushes deeper into the Southeast Asian market and continues to grow in it’s core audience, as well. In addition, XRadio has launched other services, including an upcoming Featured Artist of the Month and more. All signs point to continues growth.

For more information, Contact Jude Connors at XRadio.