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XRadio can be heard across the grid in Second Life. Here is a list of featured affiliates that use XRadio as its land stream. Interested in creating a partnership with XRadio? Contact us for more info.

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Looking for a change? Come check out the fantastic range of shapes and fashion available at [Pinkfunk].

From shorts to cute as a button dresses and accessories… [Pinkfunk] is your one stop shop for some of the sexiest shapes and apparel across the grid.

Come grab your perfect knock-em-dead sexy shapes and clothes available here at [Pinkfunk] to turn the heads and melt the hearts of everyone that sees you!

[Pinkfunk]: Your One Stop Shop for a Better You!

biology club affiliates

Biology Club

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The Biology Club sim is a universe of entertainment venues for the love of music and performing arts. The business is a charter member of the InWorld Entertainment Group. Owner/Operator, Dresi Ligati (dresella.joubert), has been in the club industry since 2008 and owned several successful business ventures in SecondLife including clubs such as Safari Club, Prohibition, and Ligati Occasions. She has been in the club industry since 2008 and continues to work hard to advance and elevate entertainment in virtual worlds with her recent pairing with Ninja Antwoord of Terry’s Place to launch InWorld Entertainment group, a network of entertainment professionals working to identify and address issues and shortcomings in SecondLife and, eventually, other grids.


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UNISON, the place where light and dark meet in an uneasy truce of music and dance.

NiteLife, the dark side, a place of flames, demons and unrestricted music.

LiteLife, the light side, built around the sunset and light.

Whatever your preference in venue or music, you’ll find it here at UNISON.
Heaven or Hell…YOU choose.

UNISON also includes DeepLife, an underwater paradise full of life for you to explore, and StarLife our newest addition that can only be reached by a breathtaking rocket ride. this is also where UNISON headquarters are located, the hub of our operations.

ARE: Aponte Real Estate

ARE: Aponte Real Estate

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ARE: Aponte Real Estate is a real-estate company founded by Giovanni Aponte (reaperofhell2) and Ne’tra Cuyan Ky’ram (stargate.dabu). Its goal is to offering people fair prices and trying to create a ‘family’ sort of community centered around their housing areas.


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Welcome to The Broken Fang Inn and Shopping Mall! We are a Bloodlines Hangout that is a safe zone for everyone. Come dance, chill out and shop… all in one great place.

This is not like a club, if you are a DJ, and you want a place to just chill with your friends, and make new ones, let Me know and I will add you to the DJ board so you can hijack the stream anytime no one is using it!

Everyone is always welcome but this is an 18+ region and all avatars need to be adult in looks. We do not discriminate against anyone; therefore all species are welcome.



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Gorean and Urban fashion for women and men, kittycats Maitreya, Fitmesh, Omega, Slink, Belleza. TMP, mm boards, freebies, lucky chairs, shopping, gacha!


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Welcome to our store where you can rez items to test before you buy them.

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XRadio Supports Peace in Ukraine.
XRadio Supports Peace in Ukraine.