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Every Little Thing with Ken Michaels

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“Every Little Thing” (named after the Beatles song) is a one-hour Beatles program hosted by Ken Michaels. Originally titled “The All-Request Beatles Show” during its ten-year broadcast on New Jersey’s rock station WDHA-FM (1983-1993), the program presented an entirely fresh look at the Beatles, not merely a nostalgic one; covering the four musicians’ complete catalog (group and solo) right up to their newest releases. Instead of drawing on seven years of their music, Every Little Thing encompasses over sixty years of Beatles music.


Unique features include thematic sets that Ken has been doing since his days at WDHA-FM (everything from John’s political songs, recordings that feature Elton John, songs with Paul on drums, salutes to specific years or albums, BBC sets, etc.) Other special musical elements of the show include cover versions of Beatle/solo songs, side-projects, tribute songs, and music from family members. Original and archival interviews from many people in the Beatle world are also incorporated.


Every Little Thing with Ken Michaels

Sunday at 10:00 am XRadio Time (Pacific).

About the Host

Ken Michaels’ radio career began in the communications program at the New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, Long Island.  From 1981-1983, he hosted programs at the campus station WNYT, including Album Rock on weekdays and Top 40 on weekends.  The program director, noting the many Beatles and solo songs that Ken played, and his tendency towards wearing Beatles T-shirts, suggested he do a Sunday night Beatles show.   In March 1982, “The All-Request Beatles Show” was launched as a one-hour show beginning at midnight on Sundays.  After a slow response, Ken successfully proposed the idea of moving the show to the 10-11pm hour.  Once that happened, the phone lines lit up like crazy, and the show was soon expanded to take up the full 3-hour shift.   In developing his show, Ken mixed the classic group recordings of the Fab Four with their respective solo music, gave exposure to the newest solo releases, invented many unique games and forms of trivia, and persuaded a local record store into giving him prizes every week.


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Talk More Talk: A Solo-Beatles Videocast: https://www.youtube.com/c/TalkMoreTalkASoloBeatlesVideocast


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