Pandora’s Box with DJ Siouxie

Pandora’s Box with DJ Siouxie

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Genres: Mashups, Remixes

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Timezone: PST [UTC-8]
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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DJ Siouxie is an internet DJ with many years of broadcasting behind her. She recently branched out into DJing within Second Life, as well as now being co-owner of XRadio.Zone (co-owned with Jude Connors).

She first started broadcasting in an online game called eRepublik where she was the host for a talk radio show called eNPR, and then was persuaded into doing music radio for the RadioStar internet station by Jude Connors, eventually ending up as one of the station managers as well. RadioStar DJs, including Siouxie, held many parties within the Star Trek Online game while listeners listened to the station and partied in game.

Siouxie also recently broadcast a live weekly show for a full season on local FM radio. Her background has seen her doing a lot of entertainment work as a hobby, having 15 years of theater (drama and musical) under her belt; as a performer, as a stage & lighting/effects technician, and as a director & producer. She has also been a volunteer at many music festivals over the last several years. She just loves Music! Her shows see a range of musical genres, from Classic and Prog Rock, through electronic and club genres, and one of her favorites – Remixes and Mashups!


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