Tempting Gachas Sales Event

SPONSORED EVENT: Tempting Gachas Sales Event

June 7th-13th, 2020 – Sunset Temptation Estate

XRadio is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming Tempting Gachas Sales Event. As a sponsor, XRadio will run ads for the event on the stream regularly until the event is over. In addition, we will be bringing the XRadio Roadshow with DJ Ennie, DJ Siouxie and DJ Jude to the event on Monday June 8th from 4PM until 10PM! Six Hours of LIVE DJs simulcast live from the event on XRadio!

Tempting Gachas and Sunset Temptations will be holding a week long event from June 7th – 13th on the Sunset Temptation Estate. Gacha vendors from all over the Grid will be showcased for seven FULL days! Thousands of Gacha items will be featured and available as well as music and entertainment! Party while you shop!

For more information, contact SilkenSydney or search for TEMPTING GACHAS SALE EVENT in your Search bar.

June 7th – 13th… Gachas, Fun, and More! Don’t Miss It!


Tempting Gachas Sales Event