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Advertising on XRadio

Advertising Inworld on XRadio

With XRadio reaching more and more listeners daily in Second Life, we have started to get questions on how to advertise both on the stream and on our website and social networks. With XRadio about to reach it’s one year anniversary and on par to setting a new listener record of 5000 monthly listeners, we have decided to release this article explaining how advertising on XRadio works. Hopefully, this guide will explain everything and clear up any questions.

Affiliates and Partnerships

XRadio Affiliates and Partnerships

XRadio wants to work with you! The are multiple ways of teaming up with XRadio. We are committed to working with your store, venue, community and/or region and will craft an entire customized plan of action that meets results in growth for our partners and affiliates, as well as growth within our own listenership. Let’s get together and decide a course of action and get started today!