Telaport – XRadio Featured Artist of the Month [June 2022]

XRadio is proud to bring you the XRadio Featured Artist of the Month for June 2022; the American synth wave pop duo Telaport. Their newest single, Don’t Wait was released just last month and is burning up the dance floors across the world!

XRadio Featured Artist of the Month

Telaport is the talented, innovative duo of D’Lannie and Stevie Ray C. Originating from Dallas, Texas; the couple’s unique blend of genres and nostalgic beats gives their music a sonic twist that appeals to global audiences.

“Our passion is obviously music, and one of our goals with Telaport is to create an experience through telling stories and creating visuals to help express the themes of our music.”


Their first collaboration as a duo, Ghost Friends was released in March of 2022. From writing songs, producing tracks, and creating music videos for their latest project, Telaport use their experiences growing up in diverse family environments, along with the influence of their hometown, to create a fresh sound that is a mix of pop, rap, EDM and R&B.

D’Lannie and Stevie also have filmmaking set in their sights and plan to create cinematic-themed projects expanding on Telaport’s sound, story, and history. With a clear vision and set purpose, they continue to trailblaze their own lane in the music industry, one creative project at a time.


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