Tin:Ma – XRadio Featured Artist of the Month [February 2022]

XRadio is happy to present to you the XRadio Featured Artist of the Month for February 2022, French-Canadian non-binary artist, Tin:Ma. Materializing from online spheres, Tin:Ma continues to subvert conventional genre practices. On New-Year’s Eve 2021, Tin:Ma released their EP Move which has been gaining some attention and has been described as “sucking you in, spitting you out and leaving you naked. Intense and not for the faint of heart, yet incredibly tender and beautiful.” [3Fach].

XRadio will be playing “My Love’s Gone” from that EP in high rotation through the month of February.

XRadio Featured Artists of the Month

The pandemic has been extremely difficult for Tin:Ma. In 2020, the artist lost their apartment and all their sources of income. Leaving behind their home, friends, and beloved city, they were forced to move to rural Canada where they have remained mostly isolated throughout the pandemic. Seeking to reject the inertness brought about by the isolation, the sadness they experience having to leave their home, and the crippling uncertainty of emerging artists in the post-COVID world, Tin:Ma began putting everything they had into this project. With no support or funding, Move is the coming together of artists—young Queer individuals—who are actively defying the inertness that has been placed on the arts by this pandemic.

“It really felt like I had lost everything, I felt so helpless and lost. I thought my artistic voice would support me through the pandemic, but it didn’t. A lot of artists were left behind […] Move really helped me overcome that and forced me to continue to move forward: I could now embrace the cluster of emotions, of states, I had experienced.”

Tin:Ma - Move