Club Tweaked

XRadio Adds Two New DJs from Club Tweaked!

XRadio is proud to announce that two new DJs have joined our ranks. Join us in welcoming DJ Chealsy and DJ Lolo. Each new DJ brings her own unique styles of mixes to the XRadio community. We welcome each to the staff of XRadio.

XRadio in Second Life

DJ Chealsy is the Co-Owner of Club Tweaked and will be playing a mix of music: from classical remixes to modern pop and rock. You can catch her three times a week on XRadio: Mondays and Fridays from 4-6PM and Wednesdays from 2-4PM. For more information, see her XRadio DJ profile page: Tweaker Tunes with DJ Chealsy.

DJ Lolo is the DJ Manager of Club Tweaked and a veteran DJ of other gaming communities. She will be broadcasting on XRadio every Tuesday from 4-6PM, bringing you a mix of rock, R&B, dance music and more! Visit her DJ bio for all the skinny: Devil’s Playground with DJ Lolo.

You can check out when these new DJs – or any XRadio DJ for that matter – are LIVE via the XRadio Schedule.