Affiliates and Partnerships

XRadio Affiliates and Partnerships

XRadio wants to work with you! The are multiple ways of teaming up with XRadio. We are committed to working with your store, venue, community and/or region and will craft an entire customized plan of action that meets results in growth for our partners and affiliates, as well as growth within our own listenership. Let’s get together and decide a course of action and get started today!

XRadio Affiliates

Affiliates are SIMs, clubs, shops, etc. that play the XRadio signal as their land’s stream. XRadio invites any SIM into to become an Affiliate, you simply have to put http://XRadio.Zone:9420 into your Land stream. Listed below are the instructions on how to add XRadio as your land’s music stream.

Adding XRadio as Your Stream

Click Land to Open Land Properties
Click “Sound” Tab
Type http://XRadio.Zone:9420 in “Music URL” then Click Enter
Close Tab

Featured Affiliates

To be featured on our website, simply send us a few pictures of your location with your landmark and a small biography written in the third person. We will check your location to ascertain that you are indeed carrying our stream, then place your location on our website here. As long as you are an affiliate and carry our stream as your main stream, you will be featured on our website. All we ask is that we get to place a station information board at the location.

Featured Affiliates will receive 25% off any advertising you wish to do in the future with XRadio. Advertising offered includes in-house creation of customized audio ads and inclusion of the ad into the auto DJ rotation on the stream. This also includes any other advertising, including ads on the website and/or our social media networks. Each plan is a customized plan for each client. In addition, all affiliates will have an information board at our HQ.For more information, contact Jude Connors.

XRadio Partners

Partners are affiliates but with a deeper working relationship. Partners receive a 50% discount off of regular XRadio advertising costs. In addition, partners receive preferential treatment when scheduling events such as 25L Tuesdays or other sales or community events.

A partner SIM is expected to allow XRadio to put a physical presence on the SIM with a complimentary small office or studio instead of a small information board. To compensate, partners will not be charged for monthly ad rotations on the auto DJ system. In addition, all partners will have an information board at our HQ. For more information, contact Jude Connors.

If you are interested in partnership opportunities, we want to work with you. Growing to new SIMs regularly by word-of-mouth and an aggressive growth program, XRadio is ready to work with you to grown your business within Second Life as we expand our listenership. Get in touch with Jude Connors now and Let’s Grow Together!